Lensball Photography is a specific skill set to learn alongside your everyday creative photography. Here at Lensball Australia we have put together a selection of the most helpful guides for taking good lensball photos already compiled on the web. This way, you can simply head on over and check out for yourself the professional lensball photography tips from the pros themselves. Here’s a list of the most relevant Lensball Photography articles.

Creative Photography School is a great resource from a specialist lensball photographer. Simon Bond offers a range of tutorials on several glass ball photography topics, from lensball night photography to common lensball photography mistakes. Well worth checking out.

Wim Arys Photography Blog is also well worth a look for for his Lensball photography Tutorial.

People of the Planet have put together their tips on how to use a lensball and some of them might surprise you.

Andrea Lythgoe has a series of posts on her Lensball photography that may help you with your own craft.