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Free Delivery. Level your crystal ball with the subject you’re photographing. A centered subject in the crystal ball will result in lesser distortion.


Try to get as close to your Tutorial subject as possible. The closer you are to your subject, the bigger it will appear in the crystal ball. And better reviews.  Whether positioned the glass ball on a flat surface, or if you’re holding it.  Even a golf tee, ensure that the crystal ball will not fall.



Avoid touching the crystal ball with your bare hands. Fingerprints will result in smudges, which can be distracting in your photo ideas. It is also recommended to keep the crystal ball free delivery in the shade when you are not using it.

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The utmost care should be taken especially when using the glass photography ball during the day. Light from your surroundings will be focused through it.  This produces a hot beam that could burn you, or even start a fire.

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How does a lensball work

Use Lens Ball?

Lensball PhotographyLensball TricksLensball PhotographyLensball TricksLensball Photography(updated Jan 08 2020) Lensballs are the simplest and easiest to use photography accessory.  Forget tricky gadgets and things with batteries and needing to be charged…  Lensball 🔮 is always ready to go!  Here’s how easy they are to use! Find yourself a scene you want to shoot.  Take a …

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