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Buy Online Holding your lensball is important, as we learned the hard way.  We dropped ours onto the rocks at the beach. It meant our first crystal ball was chipped and scratched.


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We weren’t able to just point and shoot anymore – without expecting some blemishes in the resulting photography ideas. When you read enough lensball reviews you will appreciate that handling your lensball is very important and takes some tutorial skills to master.

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When we first started our lensball photography, this aspect of lensball photography reviews was so appealing – it really drew us in. There is something about the glass ball for creating a unreal effect.


It’s like you are peering into this make believe inner world of fantasy and unreality. And the real world is on the outer, softer and blurred. It’s as though buy online a lensball you are inviting the viewer to enter into your own private world of magic and mystery with free shipping.

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