All Lensball Prices are quoted in Australian Dollars.

At we are confident we have always been better value than our competitors.

Our competitors insist on selling smaller lensballs – 60mm and 80mm only – and at the same price point of our 80mm and 100mm lensballs.

Also, our competitors ask for additional payments for the complete set – whilst we offer the COMPLETE package for one fixed price.

Also, our competitors offer payment in US Dollars, or have unusually long delays for delivery.

Price Comparison #1
Our lensball 80mm kit retails for $39.95 plus delivery of $11.90 total $51.85
Our main competitor offers the same product size for $59.90 !
Thats a 25% saving when you buy from
AND you get a drawstring carry pouch, crystal display stand and presentation box, as well as the 25% discount!