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ABOUT   We are an Australian family owned business working from the mid north coast of New South Wales. I have been an avid photographer and I have owned a few Canon and Nikon DSLRs.  Over the years I’ve watched as cameras became less favoured alongside what mobile phones offer. Back in the day an 8mp DSLR camera was over $1500 – in 2020 I can get a 20mp camera included with my $500 phone.  So I ditched the camera and went with my phone and I can honestly say the best, and simplest accesaboutsory for your phone camera is a 🔮lensball®️. By the way, my name is Bren and I have been working in the digital space since 2007.  You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook. When I began seeing images about lensball I was intrigued. AND the thing I loved most of all about glass balls, crystal balls, or what we call lensballs®️ is that it is a non-tech addition to your photography kit.  It’s simple – I just wanted something simple to add some spark to my mobile phone pics.lensball photography Then I realised it was just a lensball. I was immediately drawn to the simplicity and non-tech minimalism of the lens ball. No moving parts! No batteries required! AND the images seemed to be photoshopped – but they weren’t – it was the natural refraction of the light!  I loved how it was so easy to have a crystal ball in your pocket and you could bring the most amazing photo ideas to life. So I looked around online and bought one.  And waited for delivery.  And waited.  And waited some more.  And checked international shipping times and what not.  And then sort of forgot about it. And nothing happened.  I sent a few emails and apparently my order was lost and they were shipping a replacement or something like that. (It happens all the time, I’ve since learned.  People even leave awful comments and reviews for our business after ordering from these guys overseas.  Dropshippers etc.  I get messages every week from concerned people from all over the world – Alabama to Vancouver – asking when their lensball order is expected to arrive…) And then I waited some more…  There had to be a better way… LensBall Australia In the meantime I had been sharing my experiences with my business partner and virtually overnight we got into contact with a masterful premier supplier who crafted professional grade lensballs®️ from highest quality crystal glass. And the rest is history! Now – we guarantee prompt shipping to almost every destination Australia wide and our highest grade crystal is quite literally the BEST in the industry.  PLUS, we include a crystal stand (valued $16.95) and drawstring carry pouch (value $9.95)  FREE with every order. Our prices reflect our exacting standards and we 100% guarantee your lensball will arrive in pristine condition and amaze you with it’s crystal clear clarity and composition!  PLEASE NOTE – you’ll see lower prices on marketplace websites – these are the seconds from the factory and are marred with bubbles. blurs and much worse.  Please see our Refunds and Returns page.

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LensBall Australia
  • Lensball is our registered business name.
  • We started sharing our highest quality lensballs when we realised we could offer better service and lower prices than what was on offer elsewhere.
  • We connected with a rock-solid supplier who offered K9 glass balls – better than anywhere else.
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