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Meet LensBalls

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Pro K9 Optical Glass for
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Buy Lensballs Australia ONLINE

BUY LensBalls Australia ONLINE

K9 Glass Lens Ball

$5 Australian Delivery

Buy Lens Ball online and experience 3 reasons why we are Australia’s number 1.

  1. Best Quality K9 Professional Photography Grade Lens Balls.
  2. Unique Crystal stands for each lensball ordered – so you capture the perfect shot.
  3. $5 delivery for most of Australia…

There’s a reason we have quickly become Australia’s favourite for  Here’s what pro photographers say >

  • Lensball adds depth and dimension to your mobile phone images.  Perfect for beginners right up to professional photography. 
  • The bigger the lensball, the clearer the image.
  • Tap your phone to focus into the lensball space
  • Find your best shot by moving your lensball back and forth
  • Tap to shoot – it’s that simple!
Lensball Photography
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Handheld Lens Ball

  • "The lens ball is so easy to use.  Just hold it up towards the landscape, tap for focus and shoot away.  The lens ball turns any ordinary scenic shot into a refractive masterpiece."

  • "My lens ball is so beautiful - as soon as I start snapping my imagination goes wild.  Totally recommended as a travel essential!"

  • "Love how the lens ball doesn't need batteries or whatever.  Works across ALL devices and brings a certain magic to any scene.  Get one today!"


Fast Australian Delivery

Australia wide from NSW

only $5.

How does a Lensball Work?